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Guidelines to Follow if You’ve Been Attacked by a Dog

One petrified trauma you can encounter is being attacked by a dog. In the midst of this ordeal, it is difficult to know what step to take and one might end doing more damage to themselves because of tension. One should know these crucial points to protect themselves if they ever have an encounter with the bared gnashers of an irritated dog.

A dog is a man’s best friend and they also make superb house pets. But sometimes, a dog that has been abused or that which is poorly trained will see other people as a threat. If you run or jog near a dog like this, it may react violently and will calm down once you’ve passed.

You shouldn’t overreact if you’ve been attacked by an angry canine. If a dog runs at you, the last thing to do is startle it even more. Running away, flailing your arms, or screaming will tell the dog that you are stressed or fearful, and this can make it continue the charge.

You should also have the right energy. Dogs fraternize with each other by the energy they radiate, and they observe these same cues from humans. To deal with a dog that is ambushing you, you want to come across as harmonious but bold. You should be stand side-on the dog as this tells you’re not looking for trouble and would also make you a narrower prey. To show the dog that you’re not afraid you should stand up straight and avoid eye contact with the dog as this would irritate it even more.

The third step is sidetracking the dog. The dog may get too close to you and perhaps because it totally surprises you and here, do your best to prevent it from biting you directly. By chance, you have long sleeves, do your best pulling your hands in, and see to it that the dog chews down on the sheath. Try to pull out the item of clothing while the canine is chewing ad get to safety.

If the canine manages to get a grip of you, do all that it takes to safeguard your neck, head, and torso. The dog may get disengaged if you can cover its eyes. In case there’s no other option than to strike back, do with conviction.

Call the police immediately if you manage to break free and seek protection. If you find yourself hurt in a canine attack, you can submit a dog bite lawsuit so that you get a settlement. If you file for a dog bite lawsuit, you’ll be ensuring the protection of others as they won’t be attacked by this dog in the days to come.